Irish Men Want to Cheat with Sharon

According to a brand new Irish survey, it appears Irish men, given the chance, would be mostly inclined to cheat with Sharon N? Bheol?in. This survey, however, confined 2500 men to chose from the small pool of female TV presenters in Ireland. Sharon (38%) was followed up by Anne Doyle (g'wan Anne) who took 18% of the vote, Miriam O'Callaghan who won't be a bit happy about ranking third, followed then by Siobhan Bastible and Eileen Dunne of RTE news.

The survey was conducted by dating website, Victoria Milan, designed to match those who are already attached to others who also want to cheat. No doubt the person who launched this 'discreet service' - Sigurd Vedal - is just lovely. Commenting on their findings, Mr Vedal explains that??TV stars are unattainable, and also have that X factor about them. Nearly 40% of our male members would love to have an illicit entanglement with a top TV personality because they are turned on by the blend of fame, money and - of course - amazing looks".

Do you find TV presenters attractive?
Yes - 76%
No - 24%

If answered YES:


With which of the following TV presenters would you like to have an affair with?
Sharon N? Bheol?in - 38%
Anne Doyle - 18%
Miriam O'Callaghan - 16%
Siobhan Bastible - 15%
Eileen Dunne - 13%

What attracts you to a TV presenter?
They are hot - 36%
They are famous - 15%
They are rich - 10%
A bit of everything - 39%


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