Irish Couples Fight WAY Less Over Chores

'You left the bloody immersion on!!!!'

Wowzers. So yesterday we wrote about how the Irish love nothing more than a good moan, even when we're experiencing Mediterranean levels of warmth and sunshine, but today we've learned that when it comes to household chores, we actually complain WAY less than most Europeans.

Now that's a shocker. If we're quick to moan about the lack of air con when the temperature rises over 10 degrees, you'd think the rants between couples about dishwasher emptying, rubbish removal, bed clothes changing and the worst of all - removing congealed hair from your shower drain - would be endless. ?But no! As per Quartz, it's Finnish couples who take the biscuit here.

Published in the Journal Demographic Research, a new report sought to survey cohabiting and married heterosexual couples in 22 European countries in order to determine just how much they argue about specific issues. Interestingly, the results found that couples just living together were more likely to argue over the hoovering than married couples.


Where it concerns the Irish, however, is even more interesting. Ranking just four from the bottom (with Greece being the most laid back, loved up and least likely to argue) Irish couples appear to take the division of household chores and financial issues in their stride, while 9 out of 10 Finnish couples admitted to coming to blows over such things as who forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer in time for it to fully defrost before dinner. Y'know, the stuff that really matters.

Here's the ranking, courtesy of Quartz.

Does this report surprise you too? What do you find you argue over most with your S.O?

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