Ireland's Unsexy Hobbies Are Revealed

Attention single people, you might just have a seriously unsexy hobby. In new research, 60,000 Irish people revealed which hobbies didn't float their boats and the results may? surprise you.

Among the five most unsexy hobbies were Gaelic football, soccer and equestrian sports, so basically sports are out, which surprises us a little. Sports can be darn well sexy. Ireland is full of sexy sportsmen and women. ?Apparently, Irish singles prefer their other halves to have more 'sedate? hobbies such as reading, cinema and photography. We wonder does binge watching Netflix count as a sedate hobby? Travelling is the most attractive hobby apparently, but the more mundane pastimes proved to be the most popular among those looking for love.

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Reading, photography, fine dining and cinema trips all made it into the top ten list of most alluring partner hobbies.

The study compiled by dating site EliteSingles, compared user opinions on the sex appeal of popular hobbies, and they used their results to determine what pastimes Irish singles deem attractive in a partner - and which tend to turn them off.


Hobbies traditionally seen as ?impressive? fell short; water sports, winter sports, racket sports and adventure sports all failed to make the top ten, and Gaelic football was ranked in the bottom five, along with soccer and equestrian sports.

On the plus side, the 10 most appealing hobbies were:

1.?????? Travelling

2.?????? Cinema

3.?????? Fine dining

4.?????? Health and fitness

5.?????? Music


6.?????? Hiking

7.?????? Reading

8.?????? Socialising

9.?????? Theatre

10.??? Photography

So if you do any of these, you're grand and sexy apparently. Although we can't see what could be that sexy about hiking?

What do you think of the unsexy hobbies?



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