Introducing IMAGE Brides

Introducing the first issue of IMAGE Brides...

Well, I say first issue, but it's only a first issue of sorts, because we're not brand new - like many a bride, we've taken a new name. You might call us IMAGE Brides, n?e BASH, but that's not very catchy. Little Lady BASH had six gorgeous issues, gained legions of fans and won Wedding Magazine of Year in her first year on the shelves? and now we've decided to take her journey on a slightly different path.

But why change the name, you ask? Isn't that a bit controversial? Well, I wouldn't say that changing your name at marriage is controversial? anymore. But it's definitely something that you might have a heated discussion with your friends about - or a huffy one with your husband-to-be, for that matter. It's a very personal choice.

I didn't change my name. It's funny, growing up, I thought my name was the epitome of hick, until faced with the prospect of getting rid of it; then I realised it was too inherently bound to my identity to just, all of a sudden, have another. The feminist in me rejects the idea that marrying someone should have to mean giving up any scrap of my identity. Plus, my husband's surname is Price, so I didn't fancy the Jordan quips (classy and all, as she is now).


But, there are some situations where changing your name is an excellent idea. If your full name translates as something obscene in Portuguese, and you're planning a move to Brazil, for example - go for it. Or if you just feel that you're ready for a new chapter in life... and that a new name, to signify your new family, would be just the way to do it. You wouldn't be giving anything up, just allowing yourself to grow into something else, something more.

Well, I suppose that's what happened with BASH. We loved our BASH identity and our readers did too, but we have this great family - the IMAGE family, with its 40 years of heritage - and we decided that we wanted that bond to be a little closer. We're proud of our sisters at IMAGE Magazine, IMAGE Interiors & Living and here at? and being IMAGE Brides allows us to stand tall beside them, with a badge of honour that tells readers who may not have known before, that we believe in that same spirit of style, smarts and sophistication, which Irish women have trusted since 1975.

And what's inside is just as lovely (maybe a little fancier; but who doesn't love fancy?). We're still going to give you outstanding, original event inspiration, directional bridal fashion ideas and off-the-beaten-aisle trends - all in the beautifully executed manner that our team has become known for. We'll still speak to you as a friend, make you blub at soppy stories and poke a little fun at you, if you're taking your bride-self too seriously. We'll still invite you to parties, give honest advice and leave you with a magazine that you're proud to have on your coffee table.

In short, BASH was the girl, IMAGE Brides is the woman - and you're about to benefit from a whole lot of wedding wisdom.

Kate O'Dowd x



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