Interview dos and don'ts: what to wear, what to bring, how to talk money

Job interviews are like first dates: initial impressions are everything. There's the pre-jitters, the post what-ifs, the high adrenaline kick, and the wave of self-doubt. The outcome isn't always what you'd hoped for and those who fail to prepare often prepare to fail when the big day comes around. You wouldn't go on a first date without doing a full CSI on the person on social, so why go to an interview unprepared? "It's really important to do your research and know the company. Bring fresh ideas too," says IMAGE Publications group editor in chief Lizzie Gore-Grimes.

The whole prospect of going for an interview can be daunting at best, and knees-knockingly terrifying at worst. What do you wear? How do you prepare? And what about that dreaded topic of salary? There are so many pitfalls lurking on the horizon of every interview, but in a bid to help you sail over them with an aura of calm and grace, IMAGE staffers played a game of question and answers to help you decipher what your interviewer really wants to hear (and see!).


In our first instalment, CEO Clodagh Edwards, group editor in chief Lizzie Gore-Grimes and editor at large Laura George talk what to wear to your first interview, what to bring, and how to talk about salary, while digital leader Niamh O'Donoghue, staff writer Geraldine Carton and events and communications assistant Luise O'Dwyer reminisce on past interview mistakes.

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