Interview dos and don'ts: upskilling, telling fibs and that all-important question

From the perspectives of current interns, recent hires, right up to the most senior management here at IMAGE, we take a deep dive into what we construe to be “best practice” in the face of that all-important interview.

"When someone comes in with a desire to upskill it shows you that the person is both invested in themselves and the job they're applying for. I gravitate toward those people". These are the words spoken by IMAGE Publications CEO Clodagh Edwards on the importance of wanting to upskill in a new job. A common career mistake is becoming too comfortable with a new routine and falling into a monotonous cycle of doing the same thing. Having a desire to upskill will not only help you develop personally but will skyrocket your career forward, too.

Another familiar story: sometimes a situation can arise and, being the opportunist you are, you apply for a job that you're not wholly qualified for. Don't let that daunt you.  "Let them know your skills from the get-go", says Clodagh. "If everyone was the chief energy officer of themselves then they'd be bringing their A-game and they'd probably be the most sought-after team member of the company".


In episode two, we dissect the importance of up-skilling, what to do if you fall down a web of lies mid-interview and answering that all-important question: why did you get the job? So shake off those first-interview nerves and grab a pen and paper: you'll want to take notes for this one...

WATCH NEXT: Interviewing dos and dont's: what to wear, what to bring, how to talk money

WATCH NEXT: Interview dos and don'ts: upskilling, telling fibs and that all-important question

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