Interview dos and don'ts: the follow-up and lying mid-interview

How long is an appropriate amount of time to wait post-interview until you hear back? Should you contact the interviewer? Or should they contact you? In our third episode of Interview dos and don'ts, we explore the follow-up and what happens when you accidentally spin a web of lies mid-interview. "I try and respond to people immediately", says Laura George, editor at large at IMAGE Publications, on following-up with an interviewee post interview. "But I definitely don't mind getting a reminder a few days later saying "I want this job and I'm really interested", she says.

During interviews, candidates are typically asked about situational experiences and they are expected to respond by telling about a time when. A common mistake for candidates is not doing enough homework or practicing responses. As a result, if asked a question out of the blue it can be very easy to say something that isn't necessarily true, or that you didn't mean to say out of anxiety; like digital leader Niamh saying her granny sailed on The Titanic.

As well as that, CEO of IMAGE Publications Clodagh Edwards addresses lying in an interview and her ability to sniff out any potential fibs. You have been warned.


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