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Georgia Corcoran can be found in the Image Interiors office if she's not helping out on a shoot. A Dublin native, she's the girl in the know for all capital related queries, especially art-related ones- she studied sculpture at NCAD before coming to IMAGE Towers and moonlights at LeCool.

How do you pass the journey to and from work? I like collections of short stories as you can dip in and out of them. I'm reading What We Think About When We Think About Love by Raymond Carver at the moment, which my best friend gave me a while ago at my last birthday. I also like to print off rough drafts of my writing and edit them en route to and from work.

Do you have a work make up routine? I don't like to wear make up every day as a think it becomes a'mask and a chore. I really enjoy putting it on though, mixing shades together, switching between brushes and subtly layering products.

What's your personal style like? It's casual enough. I think I like to wear casual styles but in simple cuts, nice materials and lots of bright colour. Also, if I didn't work in an office I would wear Adidas pants nearly everyday. That would be my dream.


What are we most likely to find in your handbag? Carmex, a pen and a plain black notebook from A4 Art, my wallet and quite often a fe lipsticks- nude or red.

What's Your Favourite part of Your Job? I actually really like sourcing the items for the Get The Look pages that appear after our house features. I find it very satisfying. Writing is my main interest, but what's great about this position is that it has opened me up to styling shoots and the interiors world as a whole. I've discovered loads of amazing brands I never would have other wise. I love being able to put a product or brand onto the pages that you might not have seen before. It's so cool to be in a position of being able to introduce people to new things and also raise a foreign or unknown brand's profile in Ireland.

What's Your Favourite Hangout in Dublin? During the summer there is nowhere better than along the canal. I also live right beside Dartmouth Square and treat it as an extended back garden as it's so private. I go there to read, sunbathe, BBQ and hang out with my friends.

Who are Your Favourite Artists? I think in general I'm really interested in people who are engaging with the art world not just as practicing artists but through developing spaces, curation, writing, collaboration, even the business side of things. My friends run Basic Space which is one of those exciting artist spaces that has been developed naturally since we all met in college. They've recently been given an unused Dublin City Council building and launched a website actually ( In terms of artists I've been a big Richard Mosse fan for ages and was thrilled to hear he was to represent Ireland at the Beinnale and I also love Patrick Hough's photography and think Oisin Byrne's whole persona around his work, the patronage-style relationships he's established are great. I'm really attracted to him as an artist for that - as well as his work, which is stunning.

What's the Plan for your Next Night Out?I generally start nights out with some gallery openings and then maybe go on to drink in a pub or a friends house or studio and end up in the Workmans. The NCAD degree show is opening this week actually so I'll probably go to that and on to the after party. Even after leaving, the degree show is still a big event and a great place to pick up pieces from the artists and designers. My friend Katie (who works for Orla Kiely now) made such a gorgeous collection out of vintage fabric from Paris last year and I'm very jealous of the people who bought up the pieces.


By Cathy Donohoe and Laura George


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