Cheap and easy ways to have an Instagram-worthy Halloween this year

Halloween is fun time of year; it has all the festivities of Christmas and none of the frantic present-buying. Plus, the food generally hones in on sweet treats  – and ohhh boy, do we love sweet treats.

If you're planning on having any ghoulish guests round this All Hallows, here are some really easy ways to create a scene of whimsical imagination and spooky divilment. And don't worry if you're tight on time or supplies, we've picked out only the easiest and most straight-forward options of all. So whether you like your decorations as sweet as your sugary treats, or as scary as a low-grade horror movie, you're sure to find something to work with below.

Happy Halloween, folks!


Ghost S'mores Dip


Spooky and fun, just toast the marshmallows gently and serve with digestive biscuits.

Lilly Higgins' Pumpkin Pie

Because nothing says "Happy Holidays!" like a slice 'a pumpkin pie.

Pecan & maple syrup cookies in a pan


A quick and easy recipe that will satisfy the sweetest of teeth.

Pink Hummus

This delicious, all-natural dip gets its colour from the beetroot, and for the purpose of Halloween, you can call it liquified brain dip!

Frozen banana ghosts

I mean, HOW dotey are these frozen banana popsicles?



These will be the most popular Halloween costume ideas of 2018


Covering furniture in white sheets

Simple, but oh-so-effective.

Black and red candles


Never underestimate the eery, scéence-esque effect that some black or red candles can have in a home. The darker the room gets, the spookier things seem to become...

"Boo" bottles and jars

All you need here are a few glass bottles and jars, some white and black paint (or a pack of googly stick-on eyes), and you're good to go.

Ghost napkins

Again, all you need here is a packet of googly eyes, and voila!


Pastel painted pumpkins

If you find Halloween a bit too spooky, then this is one DIY idea you'll love.

Halloween Ghosts wall decals

The simplest way to spook-ify any room.


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