12 Instagram Accounts That Make Us Happy

Smug wellness Instagram accounts might be aspirational, but they don't necessarily put us in a great mood, or make us feel thrilled about our own lives.

What we want to highlight here are the individuals and groups whose contribution to the online sphere brings a smile to our face and a sparkle to our eye, be it for humorous, aesthetic, or other miscellaneous reasons.

So when you next find yourself trying to put your mood right after waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or when you're searching for some distraction on the daily commute, refer back to this list and let the good vibes flow through you.

Irish Individuals

Local ladies whose feeds we lust over



Also known as Ruth Griffin, @rua_ruth is an Irish Fashion Historian who gives #LostTours of Dublin.


No product placement, just beautiful lighting, and pure Irish beauty.



Kathy Rose O'Brien is an Irish actor whose interests include style, travel, and photography, and her feed reflects all of the above.

For The Fashion Fiends

Mmmm... Fashion...


You could very easily scroll away hours of your life fawning over this feed.



A nice balance of SATC fashion memories, and solid 90s/early 00's nostalgia.

Just Gorgeous

Get ready for your feed to become more beautiful than you ever thought possible.



Feeding our insatiable desire for exquisite retail worldwide, The Shopkeepers marry wanderlust with object lust impeccably. Dublin's own Cocoa Atelier, Industry, and Love Supreme stores have all been featured recently.


Kind of sickening, considering Ireland's current housing and rental crisis. But, still. #swoon

Just For Laughs

Caution: Do not consume liquids when scrolling through these.



A fabulously frank and endlessly funny account of the realities of having a baby. Their podcast is also a must-listen.


Hilarious musings from Kim Kardashian's young daughter, North West. Although it's a parody account, we reckon it's probably not too far from the truth.



It does what it says on the tin. Memes a-plenty. 

Illustration Pages

Drawing isn't just for kids, you know.


When she's not designing characters for animation, Emma Reynolds creates her own illustrations, books, comics and prints. Sweet and whimsical drawings, an absolute tonic for the eyeballs.



Hyper-relatable, cute and quirky depictions of the trials and tribulations of adult life.


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