Insta Stalk: 5 Posts That Will Make You Follow Jessica Walsh

Instagram has become a way of life: it's our portal to late-night shopping in bed, an inspirational mood board for our inner interior designer, an?instant recipe?book for when cravings set it, a front-row seat to fashion shows and gigs, a coping mechanism for breakups (or the opposite in some cases), and a way of communicating with people from all over the world. But thanks to Insta algorithms, it can be difficult to find new and interesting feeds to follow outside the pool of your friends and family - so we're here to help! Each week we'll be highlighting one amaze account that you should definitely follow. Here is who you should be Insta-stalking this week.

The Who: Jessica Walsh

The What: ?American graphic designer, art director and illustrator, and a partner at creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh.

The Handle: @Jessicavwalsh

The Theme: high-fashion'meets abstract melty-brain conceptual art that will make you question'space and time (but it still SO pleasing to look at).


Our @milly Love knot campaign

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You won't find a single selfie in sight on Jessica Walsh's' Instagram, but what you will see is a carefully curated canvas of things, people, splashes of paint, strange objects, weird and wonderful art, and fashion in a plethora of striking colours.


Aside from creating other-worldly images for some of the world's biggest brands, Jessica's personal style - which she posts about regularly - is equally appealing and follow-worthy. You'll also find plenty of inspiration and discover other creative genius' through her feed too.


Another one from the domino shoot

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