Inside Deliciously Ella's self-care routine

Deliciously Ella joined Beauty Writer Holly O'Neill to talk about stress management, coconut oil's many uses and meditation. 

How do you manage stress or when you start to feel overwhelmed?

"There’s a couple of different things. First of all, when we first started, everything was so new and every experience of learning to manage a start-up, and scale up the start-up, and hire people and deal with all the inevitable problems that come your way, I would always feel worried whenever they happened. I think just learning to experience it, even the days that I thought were the worst days ever were fine.

We’re still here so it’s okay.


There’s been a big learning for me in that - that everything was okay in the end. That’s been one of my biggest lessons but also yoga’s played a really big part for me. I’ve been practicing on and off since I started changing my life around after I got sick.

About 18 months ago, when things were very, very business, I was very busy at work and had quite a lot going on in my personal life as well and a few months later my mother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was just a difficult period and I realised that the only way I was going to keep on top of everything and keep being able to be the best version I could to everyone around me and support my husband with everything he was going through with his mum and to make sure that I had a good headspace, I would make the time for yoga every day. Pretty much for the last year I’ve practised every day. I go from 6.30am to 7.30am or 7am to 8am, before work starts.

So much of the time your alarm goes off at 6am and you’re like, what am I doing? Every time I feel a million times better for it. I have a much clearer head, I feel like it gives me a refresh every day. Mostly, I go to a class, sometimes if I’m travelling, then I will just do a little YouTube video at home."

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Do you have a favourite yoga YouTuber?


"There’s a website called YogaGlo, that’s really good. I’ll kind of do whatever is around."

Guided meditation or DIY?

"No, I don’t have quite the patience to do it myself, I do need a bit of help. I tried an app recently called Calm, which I like, that’s the one I come back to the most. I use it at night, often I’ll work quite late and sometimes when you’re worrying about things, Matt and I are looking at our cash flow and projections and cash flow pinches and all the non-fun elements of it,  you can end up feeling a little bit wired so I find things like that at the end of the day make a really big difference."

Do you use any food ingredients in beauty?

"Coconut oil is the best eye makeup remover ever. It literally melts your mascara off. When my hair gets dry I use it as a hair mask as well."


Photography by Sophia Spring.

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