Inject The Colour Of Happiness Into Your Friday Morning

And it was called yellow.

Yes, the colour yellow has quite a strong influence on our mood and behaviour. Isn't it funny how a something so bodiless as a colour can make us feel happy, sad, or even hungry?

Yellow is the lightest hue on the colour spectrum and is the most energetic of the warmer colours on the wheel (red and orange being the other two colours). The vibrant colour stimulates both sides of our brain simultaneously and promotes higher amounts of mental agility and perception. We're attracted to its brightness and induces us into a calmer and happier mental state.

Ever wonder why the world's largest fast food companies use warm colours like yellow, red, and orange? (MacDonalds, Burger King, KFC) It's not just a coincidence?that we're eternally hungry creatures...

Psychologically, yellow?is uplifting and illuminating and can inspire original thought and inquisitiveness. So take five minutes and feast your eyes on some of our favourite yellow finds this Friday (friYAY).


This yellow velvet jumpsuit from Zara (even the model is feeling the sunny vibes) €39.95


Brighten any room with this yellow rounded enamel lampshade by Industry??30



This gorgeous illustration from Irish artist Tara O'Brien €25



This cushion-fulla'-sunshine from Ikea €6


Because every denim jacket needs a yellow palm-tree patch like this one from Nasty Gal €4


Write down your happy thoughts in this happy yellow Kate Spade diary by My Shining Armour €34



gullklocka-cushion-cover-yellow__0278691_pe418342_s4Relax in these comfy yellow Calvin's from The Outnet €15.79


Strut through your day with these?Adidas Originals Bright Yellow Suede Gazelle Unisex Trainers from Asos €100


Spread the happiness on your lips with this?Lemony pastel yellow lipstick from Mac €16.02






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