Infographic: How To Hygge In Daily Life

Have you introduced hygge?into your life yet? You may have heard the term floating around the wellness world; it's a literal translation of the word 'cosy,' and all that is required is you participating in anything that makes you feel warm and happy inside; snuggling up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon? Check. Reading by the fire with your dog? Check. Curling up with a hot water bottle, Netflix, and ridiculously expensive scented candle? All this, according to Danish folk is?hygge.?And with it being?winter and baltic outside, there's no better time to start incorporating it into your everyday. Modern Rugs has published this handy infographic that offers advice on how to start feeling hygge?every day, whether you're outdoors, inside or in the office. Scroll down for the full thing and start getting cosy, right now....

Hygge in the great outdoorshygge in the homehygge in workHygge with friends


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