Infographic Charts Irish Oscar Success Through The Years

Happy Oscars weekend! The biggest night in Tinseltown is but hours away, and Ireland is?well represented for another year.

The emotive?Loving?has made waves across the globe?after getting universal acclaim this season; actresses Ruth Negga (who has been universally praised for her performance) and Caitriona Balfe both nabbed Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations. Better still, Negga is up for a leading actress?Oscar?on Sunday.

Ahead of tomorrow night's excitement, are you wondering how have we'done at the Academy Awards in recent years? Pretty darn well as you'll see from this informative infographic from Littlewoods Ireland. Did you know that Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw is the only person to have been awarded both an?Oscar (for his'screenplay for the film?Pygmalion) and a Nobel Prize? Or that Dublin-born Gedric Gibbons not only designed the Oscar statuette?but won 11 awards for his achievements in art direction and set design?

Oh, and the Irish know how to work the red carpet, too. Kerry-born designer Don O'Neill was responsible for Oprah Winfrey's lavish gold- sequin dress at the 2012 ceremony. Find out many more interesting tidbits from the infographic below.

We wish Ruth Negga well ahead of tomorrow night. No matter what the outcome, she's done us proud.


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