#IMAGEinspires: Advice You Would Give Your Younger Self

Imagine if time travel was an actual thing and not the plot device in some epic romance novel. Imagine if you could sit down opposite your younger self and impart some philosophical advice. What would you say? We asked some of the women nominated in the Entrepreneurs category of the IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards for their couple of cents.

Be brave and follow your convictions.? Don't procrastinate. Surround yourself with positive people at home and at work.? A calm home environment is nurturing and necessary if you want to succeed and you will need the understanding and support of loved ones.? Learn quickly how to prioritize tasks and delegate where necessary.? Balance can be achieved and determination is everything.
Linda Nolan, managing director, MyBio

?Keep it Simple? is the first thing I learned when I was studying Marketing 100 years ago now, and it is still true today. However, over the years I have learned that if you ?fail to prepare - prepare to fail?. Make your pan, keep it simple, but always be flexible as nothing ever goes strictly to plan. When working for yourself you need to always ?be 'very observant, and open to new ideas that may help you to succeed. Think outside the box. Life as an Entrepreneur is never dull. Success comes in many forms. And finally, ?If in doubt, do nowt!?.
Sallyanne Clarke, co-owner, L?Ecrivain

Sara Mitchell, co-owner, Poulet Bonne Femme Sara Mitchell, co-owner, Poulet Bonne Femme

I think the best advice i could give a younger version of myself is that hard work really does pay off, to keep the faith but to try and enjoy it as much as possible. Even though the setting up our business was the hardest part, a huge part of me misses those days now, there was such a sense of excitement and anticipation. Anything feels possible.
Sara Mitchell, co-owner, Poulet Bonne Femme

Caroline McEnery, managing director, The HR Suite        www.dwalshphoto.com Caroline McEnery, managing director, The HR Suite

Don't be afraid to take risks, in order to achieve your goals you need to be a risk taker.vBuild a strong, effective team around you and trust them to do a good job.? Successful leaders encourage personal growth and mentor their team. Invest in a good CRM system early on, so as your business grows you can react quickly to your customer's needs and changes in the market.
Caroline McEnery, managing director, The HR Suite

MONICA Monica Matellano, managing director, Eirespan

Be passionate and believe in yourself and your brand, then be consistent and don't take no for an answer.
Monica Matellano, managing director, Eirespan

What advise would I give my younger self? Drink more water! Just kidding. I don't think anything could have prepared me for starting my own business. ?My parents had their own successful business and my parents in law. ?They advised me of the endless hours of hard work but that said until we took the leap of faith only then did I understand. ?But I love my job, I love the variety, I get to be creative and learn new skills and I love that after having my three children I have a career again. ?It's true that if you love your job you will never work a day in your life! But when you start your own business's your taking a seat on a roller coaster ride, its a leap of faith, it's hard work, it's sacrifice, it's making mistakes and then some more, I have tears and laughs in the same day! It's also a constant ?juggling act, I have three children under eight, my youngest was four months old when we started she was catapulted into the Bell Lane Circus. Our business is a family fun space we have scooters in the office and a football for outside, colouring books and pencils. ?My beautiful children are my focus and my driving force, my switch off and my biggest champions.
Denise Bell, director and co-founder, Bell Lane Coffee
The words ?risk', risk taker' and 'high-risk strategy? at first glance have negative conations, but in fact, they are the absolute inspiration and strategy for a positive ?extra-ordinary? life. Start the day by stopping, ?just be in the present moment. ?you know that when you slow down your brain to its alpha rhythm for a few 'mindful? minutes you immediately become more creative, more energised and less stressed? Next, charge at the day's challenges like a buffalo.? Did you know that the buffalo?charges into the coming Storm which then passes over quickly, unlike the Cow which runs away only to get wetter while standing in it? ?Then, check the outcome - did you lose or win the challenge; if you lost you turn the defeat into a learning and charge again. If you won you use that success to determine the next challenge and charge again.? And finally, how to keep charging?? That's easy, everyday absorb all the positive energy, knowledge and love of those with you on life's journey and give it back multiplied.
Siobhan McSharry, managing director, McSharry Foley Insurance and Whoops.ie

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