IMAGE x Amy: Amy's Guest Editor Letter

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Hello everyone! I am coming to you from the future, as this is the January issue and it's still only December. That's what happens when they ask you to guest edit, which is really cool. Speaking of time travel, my 16-year-old self would be seriously impressed with me, as I actually did a week of my Transition Year work experience in IMAGE Magazine. I think it may well be the biggest leap of a promotion from chief photocopier to guest editor in the history of publishing, while in the same breath it's been 20 years! How long does someone in photocopying have to wait to get a break around here? I had such a great week here back then (partly due to mild relief I wasn't still doing work experience in the vet. Because I'd fainted and had acute gore-related nausea; none of which I had at IMAGE).

As guest editor, I was thrilled to get to sit down and interview actual real editor Rosaleen McMeel. But as you will see, she made the interview about me and my new legal RTE? drama, Striking Out, which airs this month, and stuck in a few candid snaps of me taking it very seriously, so sorry about that.

So let me tell you, January is looking all shiny and new and full of positivity. And you will have zero regrets about buttering and eating the December issue, along with everything else, in front of the fire while watching Miracle on 34th Street... because who needs regrets, eh? There really is enough to be getting on with. This need to repent for having fun, relaxing, sharing happiness, being merry...

We put our heads together and tried to think of ways to steer away from the we-must-now-punish-ourselves-with-self-flagellation- January-guilt-fest in a bid to, well, just be kinder to ourselves. Adventure lists over resolutions! We also have loads of fashion and beauty, and a great feature about holistic health and protecting our mental wellbeing when life gets hectic.

Thank you so much to all of the team at IMAGE Magazine. I was so chuffed to be asked to be your first ever guest editor. To be part of a publication that has championed and supported women in Ireland for 41 years. I really loved the experience. And thank you also for all the fun on our photo shoot.

2016 highlighted yet again how frightening and disheartening things can get in our world. When I thought of the year that was and of the year that is to come, I may have crossed my fingers for three things: Hope, Understanding and Giving, which spells HUG! And who doesn't love hugs? In light of all this, I'll leave you with Leonard Cohen's beautiful words. Wishing all the readers a very happy and peaceful New Year. Group HUG anyone?


The January issue of IMAGE magazine, guest edited by Amy Huberman is on shelves nationwide now. PORTRAIT BY OLIVER PEARCE.


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