The IMAGE Staff Digest: Our May Favourites

As May'draws to a close, the staff at IMAGE reflect on their May?favourites.


I managed to get my mitts on a Handsome Burger in Galway before they sold out. Delighted they've finally found a home in Galway city, Bunsen has some serious competition. - Lauren Heskin, Senior Editor, Image Interiors & Living Magazine

Anything at The Bailey, Duke Street. But specifically their divine cheeseboard washed down with a glass of red wine. - Aoife Loughnane, Editorial Assistant,


I ate all of the things at Ballymaloe's Litfest. Highlights included Gubbeen's sell-out hot plates with ribs, brisket, pickles and 'surprise meat treats?, washed down with Craigies?'sparkling new vintage cider and followed by sturdy lamingtons from Ballinspittle's Diva Boutique Bakery. Such a shame it's not on in 2018, I'm already counting down to the 2019 event. - Amanda Kavanagh, Editor,?Image Interiors & Living Magazine

The Sunday Roast from Fallon's in Kilcullen is better than any roast your ma makes. For €18, it's everything a really good roast should be but better: Hereford dry-aged beef, Yorkshire pudding, duck fat roast potatoes and if I haven't sold it to you yet, Fallon's has retained a spot in the Michelin Eating Out In Pubs Guide for years. Now I have told everyone ever. See ya there on Sunday. -?Holly O'Neill, Staff Writer,

A Pok? Bowl from?Third Space on Aungier Street. With a choice of teriyaki chicken, tofu, salmon and tuna there's enough choice for everyone. Trust the'staff?to pick your toppings for the first time and then experiment with the amazing flavours. Perfect for a summer lunch - use the chopsticks to make it last longer! They're open Monday to Friday. - Melanie Mullan, Assistant Editor, Cara Magazine

So this Friday the Aungier Street team are hosting Square Meal. On the menu is their new dish 'Poké' (pronounced poh-kay). An ancient Hawaiian meal consisting of cuts of fish on a bed of warm sushi rice. There'll be a choice of salmon, Third Space marinated chicken or a vegan option of tofu. The bowl is built with tasty salad and fruit and topped with delicious sauces and crunchies. This square meal is in aid of Kiva an organisation we love supporting. It provides interest free loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries who otherwise would struggle to find the means. If you'd like to book your place please email [email protected] we'd love to see you there! . . . . . . #thirdspacedublin #squaremeal #dublinfoodie #dublinevents #dublin #eatwelldogood

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The IMAGE crew are no doubt sick of my obsessing over?Twin Peaks: The Return,?the show that few understand but it will change the landscape of TV as we know it. Twenty-five years after Dale Cooper was trapped in the Black Lodge - and after the murder of Laura Palmer - we continue pretty much where we left off but after over two decades, the town of Twin Peaks and its quirky inhabitants aren't the same. They've all aged, for one thing, and some are still stuck in passages of time.? But is it future or is it past? What the heck is in that glass box anyhow? Why does nothing make any sense? But you just keep on watching because four episodes in, David Lynch has only just begun to scratch the surface. It's cinematic, wonderful and strange and a true return to form for the famed director. Even if you've not seen all of the original two series, this will draw you in. It airs on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. ?-?Jennifer McShane?Senior Staff Writer,


(Confession: streamed) The Handmaid's Tale and I'm so glad it's on Channel 4 now because I desperately need people in the office to start watching so we can discuss. Like social media, good television is only real when shared. - Lauren Heskin, Senior Editor, Image Interiors & Living Magazine

If you're a white person who is willing to check your privilege at the door and laugh at yourself, Dear White People,?the show and movie are?streaming now on Netflix. The show provokes an important conversation on navigating race and identity in the 'post-racial' age - or, as many people believe racism ended with the 2008 election of Obama, 'post-Obama' age - from a black perspective, but is a hilarious take on the minefield that miscommunication on race can be, no matter what your race is. ?-?Holly O'Neill, Staff Writer,

I'm currently spending the majority of my time procrastinating college essays (I'm in the final few weeks of my Masters) and it got so bad recently that I stumbled upon made-for-TV total 1980s cheese-fest that is?Dancing Till Dawn. (No judgment please). You have a pre-Friends Matthew Perry, Christina Applegate and baby-faced Alyssa Milano. It's so bad that it's actually great. Ideal for relaxing the brain after a?Twin Peaks?overload. - Aoife Loughnane, Editorial Assistant,

The Handmaid's Tale on Channel 4. Twenty-two years after I bought Margaret Atwood's book (what took me so long?), I finally got around to reading it last month. Most screen adaptations don't do source material justice; this series, though, is so far so great. Elisabeth Moss is outstanding as Offred, the cinematography is beautiful, and the menacing soundscapes creep and lurk under the skin. I don't think I drew a breath until the (many) adverts. Chilling and necessary viewing. - Lucy White, Editor, CARA Magazine


The Ordinary hyaluronic acid serum I ordered just landed on my desk and I'm hoping it's as amazing as everyone says it is, as it's cheap as chips (as in €6.80 cheap). If it goes down well I'll be adding myself to ridiculous waiting list for their foundation. - Lauren Heskin, Senior Editor, Image Interiors & Living Magazine


A Germaine de Capuccini treatment if you're staying at, or near, Castlemartyr Hotel in Cork. I recently had a super-hydrating Timexpert C+ Anti-Glycation Facial and my skin was instantly more refined - and still is, a week later. My treatment also included a Mediterranean Candle Massage, which, basically involves having warm oil from a candle dripped onto one's back before it being massaged in - very?Body of Evidence, but without Madonna and Willem Dafoe, fortunately. - Lucy White, Editor, CARA Magazine


I made a serious life-long commitment this month. I finally invested in a leather jacket. After spending almost a year of doing a leather jacket pilgrimage around Dundrum (aka my own personal Groundhog Day hell) I finally found my dream one in Maje. Just please don't tell my mother how much I paid for it.? - Lauren Heskin, Senior Editor, Image Interiors & Living Magazine
The latest fragrance from Memo - Eau de Paris. Quickly taken the lead as my favourite scent. - Melanie Mullan. Assistant Editor, Cara Magazine


Harry Styles' new album. I know the entire album is designed to capture us older non-Beliebers / Other Directioners but I can't help it, it's working. IT'S GOOD. - Lauren Heskin, Senior Editor, Image Interiors & Living Magazine

Anything by Melody's Echo Chamber. Her debut album is magic. It's got a mystical feel to it coupled with psychedelic, bohemian vibes. Or Christine and the Queens. Basically anyone French seems to be the theme here.?- Aoife Loughnane, Editorial Assistant,

Paramore - After Laughter. Is there anything stranger than seeing the beloved teen band of your youth growing up? When I realised the once punk American group were my age, things stood still for just a minute. Time catches us all, even your seemingly immortal musical idols.? The emo band that went mainstream are not the Paramore most remember as "those dudes that sang a song in Twilight," and for their fifth album, decided to change direction. Slick, ode-to-eighties-pop is now their vibe with lead singer Hayley Williams taking on mature restraint, both in terms of vocal delivery and lyrics. Their sound is very of the now but their songs all dwell on the past. Beneath the quirky beats are a collection of songs that are - lyrically, at least - almost completely melancholy. It's an interesting mix and refreshing in a time when every other song on the radio sounds like it could be played on a dessert island. The album is out now. ?-?Jennifer McShane?Senior Staff Writer,



All of Harry Styles clothes, specifically his shoes heels and suits. The green?Charles Jeffrey jumpsuit (!) with pinstripes and pleats. The Gucci embroidered silky flare suit he wore on The Late Late Show.?The pink Edward Sexton suit on The Today Show. The red and white check Vivienne Westwood suit with a heeled?Gucci boot.?The double-breasted plaid Gucci suit on Saturday Night Live. The yellow flared pants. The green velvet Saint Laurent suit on The Late Late Show. ?I want all of his clothes. - Holly O'Neill, Staff Writer,

I haven't actually read it yet, but I am DYING to read Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney. I have heard great things from this up-and-coming young Irish writer and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into it. - Aoife Loughnane, Editorial Assistant,

Retailer April and the Bear has teamed up with Dublin jeweller Tory Long to launch their first collection this summer. I don't usually like delicate pieces but I'm loving their dainty geometric bracelet, which comes in silver and gold. - Lucy White, Editor, Cara Magazine?

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