Ignore Blue Monday And Try This Gratitude Brain Test

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Today is not just any Monday, it's apparently 'Blue Monday', otherwise known as the most depressing day of the year. Fabulous.

Don't be too hard on yourself though; we're just reaching the apex of January's crappiness. Christmas seems like a distant memory, as does having a fat pre-Christmas wallet, as does that day you felt all kinds of inspired to write out your lofty new years resolutions. Summer remains out of reach and right now, it's cold enough to attract Eskimos toward Ireland.

If you look a little closer as to who's badgering on about 'Blue Monday', however, you'll quickly realise that it ties in nicely with clever travel PRs, exploiting your current potential for gloominess, in the hopes that you may rush to book a holiday at one of their exotic destinations. Blue Monday, in fact, is a load of twaddle, unless you buy into it.


Instead, today, we're focusing our energy on the positives. Here's a cute little video that suggests, in very simple terms, how to reframe your brain for happiness. Spotted on the Huffington Post.

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