If He's Into Selfies, Avoid

Know a guy who could rival you for selfie snapping? Interested in his handsome and filtered face? Stop. Avoid. Try not to marry or snog. A?study released this week says that men who take a lot of selfies have some pretty dire personality traits, and to be honest we're not that surprised.

The research from Ohio State University studied 800 men aged 18 to 40 and how often they posted selfies to social media. The subjects were questioned about their empathy, impulsivity and how much they self-objectified. Their answers were then compared with their selfie output. More selfies indicated a guy was more likely to possess personality characteristics associated with psychopathy. In less scary and more obvious news, if a guy was into fine tuning and editing his self image before unleashing it on the world, he tended to be more narcissistic than fellow male members of the species. Now, the good news is that such characteristics were only observed to be higher than average, so not every guy showing the world he climbed a mountain/finished a marathon/got a really good haircut is Patrick Bateman. But still, anything remotely associated with psychopathy is never good.

Would you give a man the boot for too much filtered pouting, or is it all a bit of harmless fun?


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