It's no surprise that brides are getting more tech-savvy, as we delve further into the digital realm. Just as there are a ton of time-wasters on the market, there are some rather ingenius apps, too - little programs built to save time and sanity, in one breath. We all know Pinterest and Instagram, but here are some new kids on the block?

If I tell you this app cuts time spent hounding your friends for their postal addresses (so you can send them invites), that should be enough. You create a free account and add your guests? email addresses. They are then sent an email, which asks them to fill in a simple form and before you know it, BOOM you have an Excel spreadsheet full of addresses to export.

Top Table Planner
Simply paste in your list of guest's names; then drag and drop them onto tables, which you have pre-placed around your virtual venue. You can move your guests around until you have a full set of tables and annoying aunt Nelly is sitting beside deaf uncle Pete.


Capsule Cam
A lot like Instagram, only it's all about creating a shared album, rather than a personal profile. Once all your guests have been added to the group and have downloaded the app, they can instantaneously add their photos for you, and all the other guests, to enjoy. Excellent for gathering second day slagging material.

Brand new on the market (by Irish makers and available for download from July 15), Spruced is a beauty and wellness app that lets you search for freelance professionals - everyone from nutritional experts to makeup artists - in your area and arrange for them to come to you, in the lead-up to your wedding. No more post-spray tan walks of shame? We'll take it.

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