This is what Ibiza residents really think of Netflix's White Lines

White Lines is one of the most-watched series on Netflix right now but it has faced some criticism from Ibiza residents 

Have you watched White Lines?

The British-Spanish mystery thriller series was released on Netflix on May 15 and was heralded as the next big thing to binge on the streaming service.

Created by Alex Pina, the 10-part production focuses on Zoe Walker who leaves her quiet life behind to investigate her brother Axel's disappearance in Ibiza 20 years earlier. Starring Laura Haddock, Laurence Fox and Daniel Mays, the series is set across two different periods as the mystery unfolds.


The reviews of the series have been mixed. The series has a rating of 61% on Rotten Tomatoes, with one critic describing it as "a tasty, self-indulgent tangle of mystery, White Lines is a sight to behold – even if there's not much below the surface".

The Tab wrote: "As someone who enjoyed The Stranger, I can appreciate a trashy whodunit, but this was painful. Oh yes, I’m well acquainted with 'so bad that it’s good'. This is so bad that it’s awful."

Others loved it with many on Twitter praising the storyline. One user tweeted: "White Lines on Netflix is a perfect 10/10."



However, the general consensus is that the show has some major flaws. Many viewers feel the script is clunky, the Manchester accents are slightly off and characters and plot are so stereotypical that it appears more like a parody than a hard-hitting 'whodunnit' series.

The story is set in Ibiza and depicts the island as a hedonistic paradise while also trying to give a glimpse of its more spiritual side. One of the main critiques has been that the majority of the series was filmed in Majorca and not Ibiza, making it considerably less authentic.

Ibiza residents

With this in mind, what do Ibiza residents think of the series?

Ibiza Winter Residents is a Facebook forum for anyone living on the island to help them find friends or any advice they may need. With the show focusing on the White Isle, understandably the residents took an interest upon its release. It seems residents are irked that the island is falsely depicting Ibiza, in both a regional and cultural sense.

One user wrote: "The film doesn't represent people who live in Ibiza." Another agreed, saying: "Ibiza is not like this, and people from Ibiza are also not like this."

"Go back to Manchester, guys!" added another. "Do a new series about Mykonos."


The fact only a few scenes were filmed in Ibiza caused another to comment: "Loved it but not filmed in Ibiza. I live in Ibiza and it is beautiful so next series please do not take the p**s. Ibiza is green, lush and like nowhere else on earth. Good storyline though."

While another member said: "Terrible, childish, and not even filmed on the island."

Although critics and island residents are not what you could call fans, the show has been at the top of the most popular shows on Netflix in the UK and Ireland and has also featured in numerous most popular lists in other countries.

And with a second series already in the pipeline, it's just a matter of time before we discover if Netflix will listen to the residents and the critics or to those who just enjoy a good binge-watch.

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