Aldi's cast iron cookware is in stores now - here's what we'll be buying

If you've been eyeing up some classic cast iron cookware but have been put off by the cost, Aldi have answered all your prayers with their cast iron collection landing in stores this week.

As someone who loves cooking, I spend more time than I would care to admit looking at gorgeous kitchen items that are wildly beyond my price range.

Weighty frying pans, shiny pots, and flashy grill pans that I could never afford, and would be too afraid to use even if I could, lest I scratch them.

But my dreams have oddly aligned with reality in Aldi's announcement of their latest collection – a series of cast iron cookware.


Coated in enamel and suitable for temperatures up to 250°C, I'm already mentally stocking my cupboards with every dish, pot and pan in the range. In stores from September 15, you might want to set yourself a reminder for this one, as they're unlikely to hang around for long.

Aldi cast iron cookware

Casserole dishes

Autumn has most definitely arrived, and with it comes our desire for warming, comforting meals. The casserole dishes in the range are perfect for this, ideal for making a stew or curry that you can leave to slowly simmer while you get on with other things.

Available in either a shallow or deeper size, each costs €29.99 and comes in red, grey or blue.

Aldi cast iron cookware

Grill trays 


Our barbecuing days may be dwindling, but fans of a perfectly charred steak or grilled vegetables don't have to wait until next summer to get their fix.

These grill trays make it easy to create delicious dishes, no charcoal needed. Available in two sizes, each is €19.99.

Aldi cast iron cookware

Roasting tray  

Never underestimate those dishes where you just throw things onto a sheet pan, cover them in spices and stick them in the oven. Minimal effort for days when you can't even think about stirring a pot, and even the oddest assortment of ingredients usually comes out great.

A nice deep roasting tray makes this whole process even easier, and cast iron will transfer heat through all your ingredients evenly. Roasting tray, €24.99.

Aldi cast iron cookware



My parents have a set of cast iron saucepans that they got as a wedding gift almost 30 years ago, and they're still going as strong as ever.

They've scrambled thousands of eggs, made countless sauces, and warmed lots of leftovers. They've also been burned plenty of times in the process, and you really wouldn't know, so I can promise you a cast iron saucepan is a much better investment than those thin stainless steel ones any day. Aldi's are just €15.99.

Aldi cast iron cookware

Mini pots(!)

Last but certainly not least are these adorable mini pots, because everything is better in miniature form. I'm not exactly sure what they're for – serving dips perhaps, or making a tiny stew and feeding it to your cat – who's to say, really? Whatever you use them for, each style costs just €3.99 for a pack of two, so let the cuteness commence.


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