Hungry Hearts

?The idea for the DHB was born on a forage for wild garlic in May, 2013,? says Barry Coleman, co founder of the blog. ?I was taking photos of the lads on their journey through our fair city and into the wilderness of Phoenix Park. I took a few pretty cool photos that day and was eager to share them with friends. We got such great feedback that my buddy Conor (Grogan, co-founder) came up with the idea of blogging our food adventures. Just like that, the Dog Hungry Bears was born.?

We hear you; food blogs aren't exactly reinventing the wheel, so what makes this one different? Well, it's an exploration of food through adventure for starters.? ?It's all about bringing field to fork for us and showing our followers just how accessible these food adventures are.? That plus food reviews and recipes to boot, not to mention a hearty gr? for their homestead. ?Our aim is to bring an awareness to people of our surroundings (where else in Europe are you so close to the sea AND the mountains?). By looking to our landscape, we feel we can reconnect with traditions of growing and foraging, helping us to rediscover our history. We fully embrace and celebrate the pop-up culture taking over at the moment, but we want to try and help rediscover our roots, too.?

Back to delicious basics.

Dog Hungry Bears are ?

Barry Coleman, 26, Designer/Creative & Top Buzzer


Conor Grogan, 26, Renewable Engineer & Headbanger

Enda Grogan, 21, Digital Marketing Student & Grubby Eater

James Halpenny, 27, Social Worker & Foodie/Fatty

Dave Carter, 27, Marketer & Hot Sauce Aficionado

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