How to Live to 115 Years?

So you want to live til 115? Here's the secret: stay single, apparently.

This is according to the oldest woman in Europe, Emma Morano, who cites her single ladies lifestyle along with raw eggs as the two primary reasons she's enjoyed such good health well beyond 100 years.

Speaking to The New York Times, Morano says?that she's been single since 1938, when her first and only marriage broke up after the death of their infant child. Though she had many Italian men interested in courting her following her separation - divorce only became legal in Italy in 1970 - she simply wasn't interested. ??I didn't want to be dominated by anyone,? she said.

On top of this, a doctor had recommended that she get three raw eggs down the hatch every day since she was a teenager to counter the effects of anaemia. This, she believes contributed to her inspiring longevity.

Morano is the fifth oldest person in the world and currently enjoying a slice of fame in her 115th year. She's survived two world wars, watching power change hands through 70 different governments, as well as 20-year dip into fascism.


Summing up her life with the greatest simplicity, Morano says:???115 years are a lot.?

Is this the winning elixir for long-lasting life?

Photo Credit: The New York Times


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