How To Be The Dream Guest

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If how to be the perfect guest is the question then Kate Spade's wisdom is the answer. Highly admired Kate Spade is the doyenne of good taste. Here she shares her wisdom so that we may emulate her grace ... and always get invited back.

Dream guests are made of this

? Come with a hearty appetite and rested soul.
? Don't show up early or, for a sit-down or time-sensitive event, arrive more than 15 minutes late.
? Arrive festively well dressed.
? Put your phone away.
? Talk to the person on your left, and your right. Listen thoughtfully and ask questions.
? RSVP to an invitation within three days.
? If you are suddenly unable to attend, give your hostess immediate notice.
? Don't arrive at a loss for words. Read the paper or a news website.
? Come armed with a few conversation starters ... but don't feel compelled to channel Oscar Wilde.
? Sit at the table at the same time as other guests.
? Pass dishes counterclockwise. Unless everyone is already going left.
? Ask if anyone would like the last piece before you take it.
? Be the first to make a toast and last to say goodnight.
? Send a little thank-you gift, either before? or after.

Extracted from Kate Spade: All in Good Taste (Abrams, €25), out now.

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