How do You Like Your Pancakes in the Morning?

Ever since our childhood, when eating Billy Roll was the greatest novelty around, we've all dreamt of eating food shaped like our favourite celebrity's face. OK maybe not, but in all honesty if you were given the chance, you wouldn't say no!

Well it looks like you'll soon be in luck. Introducing PancakeBot, the brainchild of Norway-based civil engineer Miguel Valenzuela. The PancakeBot does exactly what it says on the tin, it's a robot that makes pancakes. However, there's a twist!

The delicious PancakeBot comes with software which allows you to design pancakes shaped like anything you want. The software employs a programme which allows you to trace any image you desire, save it to a memory card and send it to the machine which will in turn make you a pancake in that exact shape. Oh, the possibilities! A Jamie Dornan pancake? Anyone? Or perhaps, with tomorrow's festivities in mind you could print up some shamrock shaped goodness for you and your friends. Or just you. We don't judge.


Now if somebody could just invent a BillyRollBot, our lives would be complete. What shape would you make first? More of a traditionalist? Check out The Little Green Spoon's Indy Power's delicious recipe for Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes.

Niall Swan

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