In Pictures: Thousands of people across the country watched the sunrise for Pieta House this morning

People across the country watched the sunrise this morning in support of the mental health, suicide, and self-harm prevention charity Pieta House 

Thousands of people across Ireland took part in 'Sunrise' this morning, an event organised by Pieta House to replace the 'Darkness Into Light' walk that was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of the traditional walk, people were asked to rise at 5.30 am to watch the sunrise and take and share a photo online to help raise funds for the mental health, suicide, and self-harm prevention charity.

Over 250,000 people were expected to take part in this year's walk and its cancellation saw a significant decrease in funds for the organisation. However, Pieta urged the public to adapt and get involved and they complied, with huge numbers donating and getting involved.


Individuals and families across the country shared their sunrise photos with the hashtag #DIL2020.

Here are just some of the thousands shared.












Late Late Show appeal

Last night, viewers of RTÉ's Late Late Show raised over €2 million for the charity. Electric Ireland also donated €100,000.

Mary Black, Frances Black, Mary Coughlan, and Sharon Shannon appeared on the show to support the charity and perform songs from the classic A Woman's Heart album.

Pierce Brosnan, U2's Adam Clayton, and former President Mary McAleese also joined the program in support.

Paul McEvoy spoke about his brother Adrian who died by suicide in 2007 at the age of 27. Mr McEvoy described his brother as "a character...he was a great footballer, a great musician, he was just a great all-rounder, he was a joy to be around, a joy to have as a brother and a friend".

However, following the death of their mother in a car accident, Adrian was able to say "I'm grand" and cover his tracks. Mr McEvoy too struggled with his mental health and didn't seek help until his sister gave him a number for Pieta House. The charity immediately provided him with the help he needed and he is now able to share his story.



You can donate now to  If you need help you can text HELP to 51444 or call 1800 247 247

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