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Sweating is hot right now. So hot, in fact, that yoga circles have taken sun salutations up to 40? Celsius in a heated studio. Want to detox? Perspire with purpose in pose. Want to look like a total newbie? Turn up to studio in a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants. Within 20 minutes you will have become a vector for every droplet of wet heat turning you into a human water balloon. Not a good look. The key to surviving to Savasana in style is all about practicality. Let's start with the basics.

THE MAT: Invest in a thick lightweight yoga mat for maximum traction. General fitness versions are less durable in wet heat, prone to toe punctures and general disintegration. Better yet, make like a master with Yogitoes - skidless antibacterial towels that prevent your mat turning into a slip-and-slide.

THE FACE: Cotton headbands are your friend. Repeat. Scrape hair away from your face to avoid dripping eyelashes from shampoo-coated sweat. Squinting and pulling faces can be a tad distracting when holding a leg bind for five breaths. So can Alice Cooper mascara streaks.

THE BODY: Fitted tanks allow for freer movement and alert your instructor to any potential alignment issues obscured by a loose top. What's more, they don't cover your face like a humidity shroud during downward dog. This is a good thing.?Whether short shorts, capri pants or leggings ensure your bottoms boast wicking fabric, which cools the body by drawing sweat off the skin. This also makes it easier to hold tree pose without slipping and helps avoid those tell tale damp patches in, erm, camel pose.



THE HANDS AND FEET: A killer mani/pedi is as coveted more than a decent downward dog. Don't fool yourself - everyone is looking.

THE BAG: A mat bag says I'm serious about yoga; a Lululemon yoga bag says I'm a Vinyasa to Vino type of gal. Nothing wrong with a glass or three of Chablis after a good stretch. It's all about balance after all.


Annmarie O'Connor @aocdotme

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