Technology changes at such a phenomenal rate that it often becomes strenuous to keep up-to-date with the latest viral video or buzz word. As digital consumers - whether we like to admit it or not - we crave and desire better and faster content. As digital creators we want to be noticed and lust after click rates and website follow-throughs. In order for digital creators to meet these needs, it's important to understand the tools at their disposal and how to best gain maximum levels of exposure. Would you hire an electrician who doesn't know how to re-wire a plug? Likewise, those working in the digital industry cannot work to their best ability without thoroughly knowing how to best utilise the web and that elusive feature called SEO - search engine optimisation.

OMG what is SEO?

There are over one billion registered websites on the world wide web, which makes it extremely difficult to make your business or project stand out among the millions of other similar websites. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the art of making your website organically (i.e without payment) visible to the right targeted audience.

Is it important?

If you want your website or project to be noticed, and to not be lost in the black abyss of the deep web, then yes. In the cyber world analytics are currency, your wealth is measured in clicks, and optimisation is a proven way to correctly achieve higher levels of traffic to your platform. When a user searches online for a service or product, more often than not they choose a website from the first page of searches (which are usually more well-known and trusted), rather than scrolling through hundreds of pages from less-trusted brands or products. This is why SEO is necessary for businesses and services - whether it's a small business or a large conglomerate - because it adds a certain level of validation and trust from the point of view of the consumer.


What do I do?

There are several ways to improve your websites? SEO short term. This usually means identifying certain terms, or keywords, that will convert traffic to your site, changing up your content strategy and reaching out to new and potential clients through your social channels. However, if you want to successfully implement a solid revenue-focused SEO strategy that is proven to be effect, then why not join us for our IMAGE SEO masterclass with Gavin Duffy ?on Tuesday May 31st? For more information click here

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