HOME TOUR: Creating an Inviting Space With Jane Higgins

HOME TOUR- With an empty shell of a space and a client who was moving to Ireland with only a few bags in tow, interior designer Jane Higgins could let her imagination run wild in this light, Scandi-inspired space. 

What was the interior like when you first saw it?
It had just been purchased by the owner with an overall palette of cream carpets and walls throughout. The client is a young international professional who had some ideas of how she wanted the place to look: a cool, Scandi vibe with a touch of some mid-century pieces. It also had to be multi-functional, with a dedicated workspace in the living room. We opted for a monochrome palette that suited the client’s style and is a timeless colour combination.

How did you create the dedicated workspace?
I designed a bespoke piece that would act as a TV unit, storage space and desk, built by the team of specialist craftspeople I use to build all of my custom pieces. I wanted the TV to be accessible but not to be the focal point of the room, so I designed a white lacquered unit with black internal gables and back panel. The TV sits on a moveable bracket against the black and is barely visible when not in use. This custom designed piece of furniture is also multi-functional with a slide out desk and wireless printer concealed behind a door. 

Tell us about the kitchen area.
The original kitchen was very heavy looking and the wall units blocked a significant amount of natural light from flooding the space. We decided to remove all of the wall units and allow light bounce off the bright reflective subway-tiled walls. We added three fixed lights here to draw the eye into this corner and create a real focal point. The white doors and black stone surfaces are set off beautifully with the brass wafer handles by Superfront.

What advice would you give to making the most out of a small outdoor area or balcony?
Embrace space limitations and make the space as cosy and fun as possible, a comfy chair, a small table and some plants and funky light features ensure its a fun place to visit on one of our few sunny days! 


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