Hilarious Video Will Make You Think Twice About Instagram

And now for a video that will make you rethink your obsession with Instagram, your habit of photographing your food before you eat it (and actually feeling mad if your other half starts eating before you'd had a chance to capture the moment), and your constant need to tell your followers (who, let's face it, are too busy thinking about their own gramming opportunities to give a hoot about yours) how amazing and vibrant and cultured and cute and fun your life is. The truth is - and this isn't a word we often use on IMAGE.ie - it's all BS. Only now, are more and more of us starting to realise how crazy our social media tendencies have become, and how incredibly narcissistic they are making us.

This spoof video plays like an ad promoting a support group for the growing number of 'Instagram Husbands'. You know, the guys who are always absent from the photos but who do you think takes all of those pics of stylish girls posing in front of brick walls? If they're lucky, their feet might appear in a post from time to time because people LOVE looking at photos of other people's feet. And of course it really makes us onlookers feel as though our relationship is lacking because WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE TOOK A FOOT PHOTO LIKE THAT, HUH?

Sure to make you think twice the next time you go to gram your scrambled eggs, this video is well worth a watch and guarantees a giggle.


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