Our Hero Sharon Horgan Just Sold Another Show

  • by IMAGE

Praise be! Sharon Horgan, one of the funniest women alive, has another big show in the works!

Just as Season Two of Divorce has started airing and we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to find out what happens to Rob and Sharon in Catastrophe Season Four, comes news that Showtime has bought rights to Horgan’s new horror/comedy pilot Shining Vale, co-written with Jeff Astroff. Astroff first cut his teeth as a writer at Friends, so while he’s not Rob Delaney, expect great things- cracking dialogue for starters and a light touch.

Shining Vale follows a dysfunctional family who move from the big city to a small town into a house with a horrific past- terrible atrocities have taken place in it that haunt the mother of the family. Talk about battling your demons. Still, it’s a funny take on small town politics, family life and mental illness. That doesn’t sound like an easy mix to pull off but Horgan’s shown us time and time again how deft she is at dealing with the serious alongside the humorous .


Can’t wait.

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