Here Comes The... Veil?

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Here comes the? veil?

To veil, or not to veil. We have this heady issue covered.

In ancient cultures, the primary purpose of the veil was to protect the bride against blinding sandstorms and evil spirits. However, for the contemporary bride - unless you're planning your nuptials for the middle of the Sahara desert - chances are your eyes should be ok.

In search of your bridal aesthetic, it's only natural to feel overwhelmed by the ocean of sartorial options, especially when it comes to headwear. Brides-to- be are spoilt for hair candy choice; fascinators, floral crowns, pendants and of course, the traditional veil. Here at BASH HQ we love giving tradition a new lease of life, particularly when it comes to fashion - even better when said reinvention can lead to future re-wears. So stylish and savvy.


The ethereal floral crown is always a great choice, just as long as you keep your blooms seasonal. If you're inspired by vintage style, forgoing the traditional veil is the perfect opportunity to sparkle, with an ornate hair pendant. Or, be daring with a headpiece similar to Marc Jacob's bunny ear masterpiece, complete with a sweet petite veil. It will put a hop in your step as you walk down the aisle.

For more bridal style inspiration, flick through the pages of BASH Volume Five, in shops now.

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