Help Fund Dublin's First Dog Themed Festival, The Doggie Do

Dog lover, dog owner, or dog supporter in general? Well, the arrival of Dublin's first canine devoted festival might delight your soul. The Doggie Do is a planned day-long, family-friendly event for this September 12th that will see Merrion Square home to various adorable Instagram opportunities, and little tied-up plastic bags.

Penny loves puppy Oscar

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Sounds pretty quirky and cool, right? Well, while we're all nodding our heads like a bobble dog in the back of a car window, the Doggie Do is still in the hypothetical stages. While planned to a tee with vet Q&A's, interviews with groomers and trainers, an open-air screening, a picnic and market garden area with dog-friendly produce, and a ?Doggie and Soul? area for you to show off your pooch's skills with scent trails and slides, the festival needs money. The organisers Le Cool Dublin, Happenings & Mr & Mrs Stevens and Supporting Dogs Trust Ireland are currently hosting a crowdfunding page on Fund it, and they're just a grand short of the €12500 the need to make this furry dream the cute reality it deserves to be.

Check out the Fund it here?to see if it's up your donating alley.

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