Heading off to college? Here are some budget-friendly design tips to spruce up your room

If you're heading off to college in September, leaving the comfort of your parents' home behind, there'll be plenty of things you're looking forward to. New friends, a different city, and maybe even some classes. However, whether you're staying in student halls or in rented accommodation, chances are your bedroom will be a less than inspiring space. Blank walls, basic furniture, and a questionable carpet are the norm, and you're unlikely to have the budget (or the permission) to make any real changes.

This doesn't mean, however, that you have to put up with this bland state of affairs. There are plenty of affordable ways to inject some personality into your space, that won't lose you your deposit, so here are some tips to inspire your college decor.

College decor

Green Fingers

Plants instantly add life and freshness to a space, something that might be lacking in your room a few days into fresher's week. They can help reduce stress during those busy essay sessions, and will also improve the air quality in your room. They look great too, and are an easy way to make your space look stylish with minimal effort. Choose a plant suited to your room by checking how much light and water it needs before buying, (better than googling 'why is my plant dying' after two weeks, only to realise it needs direct sunlight), and fingers crossed it should serve you well throughout the year. Handmade ceramic plant pot, €12. home-lust.com



College decorImages: honestlywtf.com and Ikea

Picture Perfect

Next, tackle those blank walls. Assuming you can't use screws, hooks, blu tack, etc, you're going to have to think a little differently. If you haven't discovered it before, allow me to introduce you to the wonders of washi tape. Made from natural fibres, it's similar to masking tape in that it is easily removable and won't damage paint or wallpaper, but it comes in an endless range of colours and patterns. Use it instead of frames for your favourite posters and prints with this tutorial, or use it to create art of your own. Just search 'washi tape wall' on Pinterest for ideas, and you'll be amazed what you can do. Buy washi tape online, or in craft shops.

Alternatively, get creative by hanging art and photographs from string or wire. These curtain hooks from Ikea have clips at the bottom, making them perfect for this task, and make it so easy to change things up if you get bored.



College decor

Snuggle Up

Textiles are a great way to take your college room from basic to luxurious, and they don't have to be expensive. A few bright cushions and a throw for your bed will both look great, and make your space feel more homely. An inexpensive rug will also brighten the whole room, and will be much nicer to walk on than that scratchy carpet. Søstrene Grene's new interiors collection will hit shops on September 6, and includes rugs from €17.74, this bedding set from €23.60, cushions for €16.60 and these gorgeous throws for €39.90.

Featured image: Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

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