Hard Working Class Heroes

Hard Working Class Heroes (HWCH) has been around for yonks as one of the great expressions of Dublin's vibrant and insidious underground music scene. But this year it has super-sized, almost doubling the amount of acts and events taking place Thursday through Sunday. This year it has encompassed the increasingly digital identity of the music industry by selecting 15 companies to showcase their ideas and innovations. They will also be having a Hack Day on Saturday in conjunction with Deezer, where coders and developers will work together with artists to develop ideas. Among the highlights is the HWCH and the City, which sees unlikely venues such as cafes, shops and bars across the city hosting twenty-minute sets that showcase big acts and newbies in all forms of music, offering day-time musical pop-ups across the city. Its nature as a convention and festival make this a ?working festival? where artists and industry collide to each other's benefit - it's a great place to discover your new favourite band. Artists and movers-and-shakers will have a platform on the Friday and Saturday to discuss topics sucha as taking a good photo with your band, to finding exciting spaces for gigs and dealing with band dynamics. The buzziest of urban festivals, you won't miss it, it'll find you?

For more info and gig schedule see hwch.net


Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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