Happy #InternationalKissingDay: We gathered Tales Of Team IMAGE's First, Best and Worst Kisses

?When lovers kiss on the cheeks, it is because they are searching, feeling for one another's lips. Lovers are made by a kiss.? Emile Zola

We hit up the IMAGE crew for their confessions of lip locks past and there were LOLS.

Meg, Deputy Editor

First kiss:?I was at summer camp, and a boy one year my senior planted one on me right in front of the camp counsellor. She kindly pretended not to notice.


Best kiss:?I'd like to say it was my husband, but kisses from my children have since beaten his record.

Last kiss: This morning as I drank my coffee and my husband left for work.

Worst kiss:?I've since blocked it from my memory.

Sophie, Senior Editor Online

First kiss:?1996, aged 12, in the local green with a boy who'd just eaten a bag of cheese 'n' onion crisps - it put me off cheese 'n' onion crisps and kissing for years.

Best kiss:?The first time I ever kissed my husband was deadly. It was in Iskander's kebab shop on Dame St cuz we are pure classy.

Last kiss:?I kissed the back of my baby's neck this morning and it was delicious.


Worst kiss:?My worst kiss was in 1997 with a guy who insisted on adopting a Liam Gallagher pose - remember Liam used to clasp his hands behind his back to sing into the microphone? That's how this guy approached the kiss. Hands off and off-putting.

Dave, Account Executive?

First kiss:?Aged 9 in my conservatory with a girl from school.

Best kiss:?After a girl I'd stalked for years finally broke up with her boyfriend, I kissed her outside Smasher Bar in Ios after loads of strawberry daiquiris.

Last kiss:?My sister was away on holidays and she's just back home so when I saw her I gave her a big kiss!

Worst kiss:?The washing machine kiss in Wesley disco, there were a lot of bad kisses during the days of Wes.


Niamh, Junior Social?Editor?and Content Creator

First?kiss:'shoved into my?neighbour's bedroom with his best mate who gave me the?aul?washing machine. Needless to say, it was the worst and sloppiest/wettest kiss of my existence.

Best?kiss:?The first time I kissed Jake, obviously *butterflies*.

Last kiss:?My'doggo, Molly. This morning before leaving for work.

Worst kiss:?See first.


Mel, Assitant Editor

First Kiss:?Under the table in senior infants. Myself and my then true love used to hide from the teacher and share a moment. He would later save me seats in class so he could stab me with pencils. Cute or what?

Best Kiss:?I came home from traveling on the day of one of my really close friends 21st birthdays and I hadn't seen him in about four months. By the time I got to his house I was so late that he was trying to be annoyed with me but I was so excited to see him I just kissed him. He sadly died a few months later but I still have the photo taken of us that night in my room.
Last Kiss:?I do give my housemates kisses most days, especially when I'm needy but the last proper smooch was a guy that was so much younger than me my best friend has now labeled me as his confirmation sponsor ... he was over 18, I swear.
Worst Kiss:?My worst kiss was followed by me smacking my head against a wall, passing out in the toilet and being three hours late for work the next day with a lump on my head ... and then a message to tell me we had kissed.


Holly, Beauty Writer

First kiss:?On the top floor of a hotel on holidays while my cousin Amy waited for me downstairs. She made me do it.

Best kiss:?It's a toss-up between sloppy kisses from my baby?cousins,?when yer Da kisses your head goodnight or face-licks from all dogs.

Last kiss:?[redacted]

Worst kiss:?I can't recall one! Good job everyone I've kissed.


Ellie, Digital Director

First kiss:?Alan? Neil? I'm gonna go with Neil... circa 1992 in Wesley, whilst 'slow-dancing', but that just meant going around in circles with hot, heavy arms around me, slightly freaked out and thinking, 'will this song EVER end'. Felt jubilant?afterwards?though, because I got 'the shift', and the deed was done!

Best?kiss:?A guy who a friend and I both kissed in the space of a few weeks in college days. He must remain nameless, as we both still know him (and his wife!), but my friend and I still?rhapsodise?over much wine about our experience with him - only kissing, but God it was magical!

Last Kiss:?My daughters faces - the sweetest thing. The feel of their skin, the smell of them...bliss like no other.

Worst Kiss:?A guy who used to be my friend when we lived in London in the nineties - he swore his undying love in a beautiful letter asking could we be more than mates, sent flowers and a gift to my work?and I swooned... We went on a real date and kissed after dinner. It was so awful, that we didn't see each other since. That sense of being eaten alive, if anyone relates?? We became Facebook friends a few years ago, but almost 20 years on, I still shiver...

"Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you..." Give your?favourite?people some smooches today!

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