These will be the most popular Halloween costume ideas of 2018

Finding the perfect Halloween costume in 2018 can be tricky.

First, there's the quest for an idea that you can be sure no one else will think of (because, as we all know, originality is key). Nowadays, your outfit needs to be original; different; expertly assembled and – wherever possible – gives a nod to the key moments of the year gone by.

Here are the outfits we expect will feature all over our Instagram feeds this October 2018. We recommend you wear them only if you're going to fully commit, because whilst someone wearing the same costume as you might be bad enough, when their version is supremely better than yours? Well, you might as well cut your losses and spend your evening trick-or-treating with the local kids of the area, instead.

Celebrity costumes


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

2018 was unquestionably the year of Harry and Meghan, so if you fancy dressing up as the newly dubbed Duke and Duchess of Sussex, be sure to include the following:

Prince Harry needs a classic blue suit and ginger hair-and-beard combo. Meghan needs a mid-length dress, accompanied by comically large pointed court shoes (she is renowned for wearing her shoes a half size too big to relieve foot swelling) and newly-acquired American-British accent.


Chrissy Teigen & John Legend “headband of the day”

Was there any purer moment throughout 2018 when Chrissy Teigen and John Legend embraced her "headband of the day"? Channel their headband-fulled joy by sourcing a ginormous hairband and getting your partner to wear an “Arthur” mask and croon the “hairband of the day” jingle wherever you go.



Big hair Kaia Gerber

One of the most iconic fashion moments of 2018, you’d want to have naturally long, thick hair for this one. Otherwise, you’re looking at forking out a sizeable figure in hair extensions/wigs to pull off the look.


Cardi B in full leopard


Another, more recent fashion moment of 2018 is Cardi B slaying New York Fashion Week in this head-to-toe leopard ensemble. Rawr.



Ariana Grande and her beloved pony tale

Slick it back, add in some hair extensions and stroke it often.



Bee Keeper

An ideal costume choice for anyone who is passionate about the environment, this is a sneaky way to campaign against the apocalyptic depletion of bee colonies, as you sneakily check out your crush from across the room behind your bee-veil. 


Image credit: IIUM Today


Quirky glasses; beard/ waxed moustache; KeepCup/ craft beer in one hand and an avocado in the other; wireless headphones; vegan leather shoes; ironic t-shirt; bulldog/ foldable bike by your side at all times. Nailed it.


Toxic masculinity

Cover your clothes with a collage of images of the famous toxic men in the world (Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, etc.); add some “TOXIC: DO NOT TOUCH” signage, and you’re ready to take on the patriarchy as you party the night away.




This is a relatively straightforward costume in that all you need to do is make an Instagram frame (complete with thousands of likes and the compulsory #spon hashtag), and simply strike a pose.




Unicorns are so 2017. Now, it’s ALL about the llamas.



Forget ghouls and ghosts, we challenge you to find anything more terrifying than this giant vulture costume.




Complete the look with a brown outfit, and by ensuring you move at a slo-mo pace at all times.



Legally Blonde

"What? Like, it’s hard?"



Mary Poppins

With the new Mary Poppins movie coming out this December, it couldn’t be a better time to lace up your boots and fill a spoon full of sugar. A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious night awaits you.




Because everybody loves a minion.

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