Hallelujah! Boots Advantage Points Go Digital So You Never Have To Lose Points Again

Be honest. How many time's have you nipped into Boots for hairspray and ended up buying two boxes of semi-permanent hair dye, nail polish, moisturiser, a new loofah and a ten-pack of razors, only to find you left your advantage points card in your other purse (your 'weekend purse'). What good is spending your hard-earned cash if you can't get anything in return?

The Boots Advantage card is one of Ireland’s most loved programmes and used regularly by one million customers. Until now, customers had to present their physical card in order to claim those delish points. To tackle the FOMO of missing out on the golden points, Boots have made the swap to digital with a brand new app that allows you to redeem your points; card or no card.

The brand new Advantage app allows Boots customers to enjoy all the benefits of the Advantage Card without the worry if you've left it behind. The app also lets you check your points balance and organises personalised offers for you based on your shopping history, so next time there's a sale on hair dye, loofah's and ten-pack razors, you'll be first to know.

Commenting on the new launch, Gillian Hennessy, Head of Marketing at Boots Ireland says: “We're really proud of what the Boots Advantage Card has offered to Irish shoppers over the last decade, and this new launch introduces the easiest way ever to carry your Boots Advantage Card. The insights show that a million Irish people regularly benefit by using the Boots Advantage Card points system, and we’re delighted the new digital version provides a streamlined way to earn and spend points."


Boots Advantage Card customers earn 4 points for every €1 spent but download the app now and you can avail of a bonus 400 points when you spend €20 in store or online.

How to get the Boots Digital Advantage Card:

  1. Download the Boots app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play
  2. Customers who have a Boots Advantage card then click ‘My Advantage Card’
  3. Click ‘Add my card’ and enter your Boots Advantage Card number and details
  4. You’re all set! Your Boots Digital Advantage Card barcode points available to spend and personalised offers will appear in the app

For more information on the Boots Digital Advantage Card and how to download, visit boots.ie/advantage-card

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