Gwyneth Paltrow's Daughter Apple Martin Is 11 And Already Has A Celebrity Facialist

Gwyneth Paltrow is the think piece target of our generation what with her conscious uncoupling ways and the online boutique Goop. Remember when she endorsed vaginal steaming? Wall to wall Twitter indignation.

However, the next Gwyneth backlash might hit the Academy Award-winning actress a bit too close to home, as it involves her daughter Apple Martin.

The Daily Mail reports that Paltrow's 11-year-old daughter with Chris Martin is the regular recipient of €140-a-pop facials. The child is allegedly a client of Sonya Dakar, one of Hollywood's most celebrated facialists who counts Jennifer Lawrence and Ellie Goulding among her clientele. The news emerged after Sonya went to the papers, telling The Mirror, Apple has been advising her mother to try Dakar's treatments. ?She loves it,? Sonya was quoted as saying. ?She said ?Mummy, you have to go only to Sonya.? She's so into health.?


For some reason we don't see Gwyneth continuing to allow Apple to visit a woman who has spoken to press about the 11-year-old. While a lot of parents may have qualms about introducing a young girl to beauty therapies at such an age, we think we can all agree that no child deserves their trust to be betrayed in such a public and headline-grabbing manner. It was a gross violation and unnerving to observe a grown woman draw attention to the habits of a child who has not asked to be in the limelight.

Via Daily Mail?

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