Guys Use Dating Apps More Than Women

A new study says that men are using dating apps more than women. Like, way more. In fact, up to two thirds of location-based dating apps are male. (A trend which has led to Instagram accounts like Bye Felipe being established to call out the least gentlemanly of the bunch.)

The report comes courtesy of GlobalWebIndex and looked at the user profiles of apps such as Tinder, Momo and Hinge. GWI found that of 91 million users of various dating apps, 62% are men, while 38% are women. Other interesting figures from the study include:

- 6% of internet users are using such location-based dating apps.

- 16-34 year-olds are the most likely users of apps like Tinder, making up to 70% of users.

- One-fifth of dating app users pay for the service. Swipe through those debit card details while you're looking for mobile responsive love.

This is all very interesting news as Tinder is about to launch Tinder Plus, a premium version of the app that charges users for extra features. The Guardian notes that Momo, a Chinese dating app, has had significant success with such a tier and signed up 2 million users to the paid-for app.


Contrary to what JLo has been telling us these last few years, it seems that love, lust, that awkward cup of coffee, does cost a thing.

The Guardian

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