Guinness donates €14 million to help Irish pubs recover from Covid-19 closures

The money will be used to start a programme to help pubs adapt to social distancing guidelines and reopen their doors to the public

Over 7,000 pubs were forced to close down in mid-March when lockdown began in Ireland. This is estimated to have left 50,000 employees out of work.

There are almost 800 pubs in Co Dublin alone, showing just how massive the industry is in the capital.

A €14 million fund, managed by Guinness, has been launched to help Irish pubs recover from the lockdown.


The fund will be distributed over a two year period, focusing on providing pubs with new equipment to adhere to the one metre social distancing rule and aiding staff with training on contactless technology.

Raising the bar

This donation is part of the “Raising the Bar” programme, an €88.4 million global fund by owner Diageo.

Next month, this global fund will open up to major cities around the world facing similar struggles like New York, London, Sydney and Shanghai.

Oliver Loome, Managing Director of Diageo Ireland, said: "The hospitality sector in Ireland requires long-term investment and support to get back up and running. 

"Not only has the financial impact to their business been significant, but they have missed their place at the centre of Ireland’s social fabric."


Loom went on to call on the government to help provide long-term recovery packages for the hospitality sector. 

"It will also be essential for the authorities on this island to work together with our industry to build both a safe and a sustainable hospitality and bar sector," he said.

As a staple in many Irish pubs, it’s great to see Guinness stepping in and helping bar owners and staff across the State. 

Pubs that serve a "substantial meal" are set to reopen next week, June 29, with new guidelines in place and hopefully, Guinness can help many smaller institutions reopen later this summer as well.


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