Guggi Exhibition

The Kerlin Gallery played host to the launch of Guggi's newest exhibition, which was his first to be held at the gallery since 2009. The launch was very much a family affair with Guggi's wife Sybille and sons Gideon, Elijah, Noah, Moses and Caleb all there to show their support as were friends Bono and Ali Hewson, Adam Clayton, the Edge, Amanda Brunker, designer Pauric Sweeney and chef Kevin Thornton. Dublin's cultural scene was well represented with Jim Fitzpatrick and Brian Maguire also in attendance. Guggi's latest offering has expanded to include hand-painted sculptures and digital prints that symbolise some of his life-long obsessions with languages, titles and typesetting and runs until February 23. The wine and sparkling water flowed as the guests enjoyed both the art and the ambiance in equal measure.




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