Grown-up Fairytales

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Grown-up Fairytales
Growing up, my days were spent living vicariously through my favourite storybook heroines. So, from the moment I booked last summer's Scandinavian adventure, my mission was clear; seek out the design-cool equivalent of the fairytale settings that so captured my imagination as a child.

Red Riding Hood's Lair
Treehotel, Sweden
Deep in the woodlands of Swedish Lapland, suspended above the forest floor lies the Treehotel. Comprised of six unique tree homes, this luxurious hotel creates a feeling of utter relaxation. Wake-up to a tasty breakfast in The Blue Cone, a red-birch structure with a bridge accessed via the mountain. Then, explore the frozen wilderness on a sleigh ride, or kayak down the peaceful Lule River. There are no big bad wolves here; just long stretches of solitude, in which to while away the hours with your new hubby and a glass of bubbly.
(Prices start from SEK4,700 per night)

The Aristocats Townhouse
Ett Hem, Sweden
This breathtaking townhouse, built in 1910, is aristocratic grandeur, without the vindictive butler. The rich textures and plush interiors add to the regal feel of this twelve-bedroom hotel. Translated, ?Ett Hem? means ?A home? which perfectly describes the vibe of this Arts & Crafts building. Guests should expect a friendly welcome and sheepskin throws to curl up to, after a day of exploring the city of Stockholm. Enjoy breakfast on the secluded terrace or, if the gods are not totally benevolent, in the comfort of the glasshouse.
(Prices start from SEK3,800 per night)


The Elves & The Shoemaker
Central Hotel & Caf?, Copenhagen
Coined the smallest hotel in the World, this one bedroom hotel, nestled on top of a tiny caf?, is the perfect base for two people looking for a cozy adventure. The hotel is the renovated upper floor of a storybook house, was once a shoe cobblers shop. After a day spent in the Tivoli adventure park, tuck yourself into the crisp white linen for a sound night's sleep. Once you are woken by the aroma of freshly ground coffee, you'll be itching to get downstairs for a hearty breakfast at the tasty Granola Caf?. BASHfave Head out for the day on the bikes offered to hotel guests and explore the surrounding neighborhood, which is a microcosm of Danish design, culture and fun.
(Prices, €240 per night)


Rapunzel's Tower
Miss Clara by Nobis, Stockholm
With Rapunzel-esque balconies and sprawling cast iron stairwells, this boutique style hotel in the heart of downtown Stockholm is the perfect jumping off point for any city reveler. The minimal vibes will have you living like the locals.
(Prices start from €270 pps)

The Princess and the pea
The Elite Plaza Hotel, Gothenburg
This palatial building is situated in the heart of the shopping district in Gothenburg, with trendy street Magasinsgatan, right around the corner. Here, guests will be spoilt for choice, from tasty restaurants such as Le Putre Madre to innovative interior design store, Artilleriet. If all that shopping leaves you feeling jaded, head to the Elite Plaza to rest your peepers. Boasting such comfy chambers, only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea, through such a quantity of sumptuous bedding.
(Prices start from €185 pps)


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