This grilled asparagus is given a magnificent Japanese twist

Mayo with asparagus is a great combo – especially Kewpie, which is an extra-umami-packed Japanese mayo.


Grilled Asparagus

Makes 4 skewers

1 tbsp white or red miso
100ml Kewpie mayonnaise
16 asparagus spears
1 pinch shichimi togarashi (Japanese spice mix)

Stir together the miso and mayo into a smooth sauce and preferably pour into a squeezy bottle. Thread 4 asparagus onto 2 skewers, as in the picture. Grill until they have coloured nicely. Squeeze over the miso mayo and top with some shichimi togarashi.



Extracted from Korean BBQ & Japanese Grills by Jonas Cramby (Pavilion Books, approx €19). Photograph by Roland Persson.



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