Upon hearing that a movie starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock set in space was hitting the big-screen, our first reaction was to think ?get behind me, Satan.? But when said movie began raking up glowing reviews, we wondered how this could be humanly possible and were compelled to make a quick trip to the flicks.gravity (1) Gravity is a brilliant movie that catches the cynic off-guard and here are 5 reasons why ?

  • It captures the mystery and amazement we feel about space like no other movie has in recent times. It restores space to cinema. Or perhaps the other way around.
  • Against all the odds Sandra Bullock delivers a winning performance as Ryan Stone. As a hard-ass woman in space she is totally convincing whilst also having some moments of near-Shakespearean gravitas as she ponders life and earth from up high. Her 'strong not skinny? physique is also pretty inspiring. She's perfect for the part.
  • Although there is a bit of Hollywood sentimentality running through the whole thing, all in all we found it manageable.
  • The cinematography is breath-taking at times, very beautifully filmed and conceived. Look out for the beautiful foetal pose moment - it was filmed under water!
  • It makes you feel really good about living on earth and not in space. We rarely get to feel lucky about that.


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