Granby Park Launch Party

After much feel-good hype the moment has arrived for the Upstart team to launch their boldest and bravest project to date - Granby Park. With a mass of volunteers, artists, well-wishers and community activists having contributed to the project from its inception til its now near fruition, the launch marks the start but also the completion of a project that has taken sweat, tears and endless reserves of enthusiasm to create. Expect some getting low and loose from the party-goers and relieved organisers, as Emmet Condon's Fading Light Festival pop-up brings the park to life for the first time with bands such as Ana Gog, Xs for Eyes, Ocho, Sfumato and Biggles Flies Again. Talking to Upstart's Annie Lynott, she tells us how the hope is for the pop-up park to become a creative community hub with a lasting impact whereby ?the development of more creative and exciting endeavours among artists is possible, as well as a greater understanding of the community now developing on Dominick Street.? Granby Park will be hosting a series of workshops, gigs, theatrical performances, and becoming a venue for art installations in the coming weeks. Need we say it - watch this space.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna


This Saturday from 2 - 6pm. Free. For more info see here.

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