GP surgery in Co Longford defaced by anti-abortion graffiti

A medical centre in Co Longford was defaced by anti-abortion campaigners last night. The GP clinic, which is located on the outskirts of the town, was spray-painted with words criticising Ireland’s new abortion laws, as well as criticism of the media.

Speaking to Claire Byrne on RTÉ’s News at One radio programme, Fianna Fáil councillor Joe Flaherty said the GP who works at the Longford Medical Centre has been serving the community for 30 years; adding that the words painted on the building are "disturbing".

"Words like ’Nazi’, ‘racist’, ‘murderer’ and ‘death’ are daubed across the whole front of the building..."

“Dr Ali’s would be a very busy surgery here in Longford town. Obviously, there is a serious amount of graffiti on it; I see the Gardaí are there at the moment and their forensic people investigating it.

“Basically, the tone of it is very anti-choice and anti-abortion," Joe continued, "and unfortunately, a lot of it is also very personalised towards Dr Ali. It’s very disconcerting for anybody attending that surgery this morning. As I said, it’s a very busy practice with a lot of young and old people; it’s not what you’d want to see.


“Words like ’Nazi’, ‘racist’, ‘murderer’ and ‘death’ are daubed across the whole front of the building. It’s very disturbing,” he said.


“I’m disappointed,” Flaherty told RTÉ news. “I don’t think it reflects the people of Longford and I don’t think it reflects the people of Ireland.”

"We came out and voted for this in the referendum. It was a seismic decision; we have to accept that the legislation is now on statute books, and we have to ensure people can access these services and facilities in a sympathetic and timely manner.”

The councillor went on to say this act "is not campaigning", but rather "sheer, unadulterated vandalism".


Gardaí in Co Longford are currently investigating the incident.

Top photo: Longford Medical Centre via Google Maps

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