Gluten Free Castle Escapes

Castle escapes to suit your dietary needs...

Be treated like the gluten-free royalty you are in these classy castles.

Don't let your dietary restraints hold you back on your travels! Lightheartedly swan around the grounds of these Celtic castles and be treated to fine dining that doesn't make you feel like you've swapped your crown for a coxcomb.

Abbey Hotel, Roscommon

Travel environmentally-friendly and hassle-free to Roscommon on the train, which will leave you at just a three minute amble from the beautiful four star Abbey, an 18th century castle tucked away in Roscommon's sprawling countryside.


After a leisurely stroll through the late-baroque ruins within the grounds and a tour of the castle's decadent Victorian interiors, relish the feeling of browsing through an eclectic menu that doesn't leave you with a simple iceberg salad option: most of the extensive list of delicious meals bear that ever sought after ?c? in their title, and with choices ranging from scrumptious oriental duck accompanied with noodles, to a roasted vegetable and rice pasta ragout involving butter beans and lentils, it's no wonder this hotel has a Michelin Guide recommendation.

Lough Eske, Donegal

On a secluded lakeside estate just outside County Donegal, you can find Lough Eske Castle, a luxurious hotel dating back to the 1400s and sitting on 43 acres of forest woodland.

The five star hotel is coeliac friendly for all, whether you decide to dine at the elegant Cedar's Grill (where your meals can all be specially catered to you and yours) or stay the night and have a breakfast feast of gluten-free pancakes and breads, while the chef cooks eggs to your specific liking right in front of your very eyes, as royalty deserve.

Castle Caf?, Cork


With its wide-ranging fully coeliac lunch and dinner menus, you don't need to look any further for your food than The Castle Caf? located in the bustling and busy courtyard of Cork's historic 16th century Blackrock Castle - the fort and round tower of which were originally built by Queen Elizabeth I to repel and deter pirates.

But back to the food! Every dish is homemade, and nothing is cooked from frozen, so there's no chance of tucking into a half-iced piece of gluten-free bread here, the ultimate bane is every coeliac's life.


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